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Let's work together so you can start playing harder.
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Work Smarter

Learn how to Improve posture, flexibility, release tension, and prevent injuries while you work. Try Coach Ugochi’s own ‘Active Break’ program.

Lifestyle Upgrade

It starts with mastering the physical body;  building strength, flexibility, and endurance, from the ground up.

Personal Training

Individual, group, and remote options. Whether you’re just getting started or need help up-leveling your stride.

Corporate Training

Looking for someone to energize your workplace/organization and communicate your core values interactively?

My practical talks are rooted in science, yet broken down in a way that is easily digestible.


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Not sure which plan would be the best for you? No problem, let’s chat it out and create a fit-strategy  just for you or your team.

Coach Ugochi knows her stuff, she’s able to explain the science behind what you’re doing and she is supportive, funny and most of all inspiring! I’ve always been shy about doing weights or non-cardio things at the gym and I’m confident enough now to be able to run through routines she’s taught me on my own.
Kelly H.