Work Smarter

Improve Work Productivity


Improve posture and flexibility / Release tension / Prevent Injuries

A little work related stress is needed to get results. However, stress that is not managed or channeled properly will accumulate, resulting in poor posture and flexibility — both of which dramatically inhibit performance.

Brain productivity is said to decrease drastically after 90 minutes of repetitive work. This is why frequent breaks throughout the workday are essential for optimum productivity.

I’ve developed a program — Active Break — that tackles work related stress and keeps you recharged for those long, busy days at the office.

Best of all, many of the routines can be done in a matter of minutes!

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Coach Ugochi knows her stuff, she’s able to explain the science behind what you’re doing and she is supportive, funny and most of all inspiring! I’ve always been shy about doing weights or non-cardio things at the gym and I’m confident enough now to be able to run through routines she’s taught me on my own.

Kelly H.