About Coach Ugochi

Reach Your Highest Potential

I’ve been there and can help you do that. My services include options for teams and individuals.


Work Smarter

Learn how to Improve posture, flexibility, release tension and prevent injuries while you work.

Lifestyle Upgrade

It starts with mastering the physical body;  building strength, flexibility, and endurance, from the ground up.


Personal Training

Move and feel better. Individual, group and remote options. Whether you’re just getting started or need help up-leveling your stride.


Corporate Services

Looking for someone to energize your workplace/organization and communicate your core values interactively? Book Coach Ugochi.

Meet Coach Ugochi

M.S. in Exercise Science & Sport Psychology

Coach Ugochi is an eclectic human with a knack for being funny and charming — sometimes ☺️.

With over 14 years of personal and group coaching experience, she’s found her calling in supporting individuals on their journeys back to self!

Her Fit My Life program helps women over 35 achieve hormone harmony and gut-brain greatness!

She is also the founder of Active Break  a lifestyle fitness company based in San Francisco, CA, that teaches busy professionals how to manage their weight, reduce stress, and prevent workplace injuries through the proper use of movement and exercise.

Outside of coaching, she’s also a movement artist, DJ, and event producer.

My greatest joy is connecting with, and watching people’s lives transform through fitness. I teach busy professionals how to master their bodies through tiny tweaks, or “active breaks”, as I like to call them. What then follows are kickass habits to master their life.

– CoachU

Don’t let Coach Ugochi’s bad-ass pictures drive you away: she’s certainly bad-ass, and she’s also smart, competent, patient, approachable and a lot of fun.

Olga N.

She’s so positive and fun – very professional and on top of everything, but without losing that friendly vibe. I’m pretty new to this whole thing, but as I keep telling my friends, I wish I had found her sooner!
Frances A.

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